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    Default Re: Time for 50 hour service, CT235.

    It is listed in the manual.
    The dealer has it as a requirement in his information as well, and I assume that source is electronic but I do not know that for sure. I would also expect if it was an error in the manual, someone by now through discussions with a dealer, would have discovered the error. I am not one to spend money just to spend it, I'm just following the requirements listed, and doing it myself to save some money.

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    Default Re: Time for 50 hour service, CT235.

    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzardA91 View Post
    Fred -

    I was just more curious if the OP was doing it because the manual said to or "just because." Not knocking it either way. Can't hurt doing it that is for sure. It is a just a whole bunch of fluid. Usually when the OP post on this issue they make a comment about doing it above and beyond what is required. I didn't see that and was just wondering if on that tractor it listed it in maintenance.
    The Operation/Maintenance Manual on page PM-7 (Service Schedule page) indicates replacing everything at 50 hrs. (As indicated by black squares for the 50 hour service). Thereafter, the oil filter every 100 hours, and the Hydrostatic/Hydraulic filters every 200 hours and the Hydraulic (Trans/Diff) Oil every 400 hours.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Time for 50 hour service, CT235.

    Certainly can't hurt, that's for sure.

    Just amazes me how the different manufacturers vary. It seems the filter and oil is same. My oil and filter is after first 200 hours, tranny oil and filter 400 hours, axle oil 600 hours, it adds oil and filter every year if you don't reach the 200 hours.

    I am not saying that I will wait that long. It is just interesting how my oil and filter are good for 200 hours and yours are only good for 50 hours. Same type machine, similar size. That just proves it not an exact science at all, change it more then less is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Barbour View Post
    And here goes the debate again, whether to change out all at 50 hours or just the filters. I will admit the maintenance manual is confusing and I can confirm I was unable to determine what the manual wanted the owners to do. I checked with the local dealership and was told all they did was change out the filters. After reading the manual about 10 times I thought they meant to change everything, at least that is how I finally decided what they wanted.

    In any event, I spent 20 grand on a tractor and opted to change out all. I did find some filings in the trans oil, some say the filter would have caught this but everyone has a different opinion. As for the dealership,,,, do they really care, they do the warranty if it fails!

    Your call, your tractor, I opted for a complete change. Some will say I wasted my money, some will say I did the right thing. I plan to keep the tractor until someone uses it to plant me in the ground so I decided to spend the bucks.

    So far, 300 hours. Repairs are as follows: Leaking trans line to the cooler (twice), replaced on their coin as there was a bulletin on this factory fault. Replaced the positive battery cable as it had failed (rotted off the post) and the cable seems flimsy but again, replaced under warranty.

    Other than the above, a very reliable and strong tractor.

    Change all at 50hours goes without saying. The reason you change all us that paper filters tear more often than manufacturers want you to know. They also have the technological capability to open there own bypass channel internally via a weaker point. The logic being that rather have a restricted path, allow contaniments for a thorough flow. There used to be a website someone maintained and they cut open filters at designated change times. The owner was actually ordered to cease and desist by means of a law firm acting on behalf of a major oil filter manufacturer.

    Also, most factory motor oils are "break-in oils" with lots of detergents and break down faster by design. I don't know about hydro system oils.
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    Default Re: Time for 50 hour service, CT235.

    While the tractor is under warranty, follow the manual religiously.
    1st filter change was a pain, and I trashed one wrench getting one of the filters out. All the plugs came out fine. make sure you have big enough drain pans as that's a whole lot of fluid coming out.
    I found a couple feet of garden hose attached to the bottom of a long narrow funnel worked wonders when it came to refilling.

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