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    Default Bobcat CT335

    Option A: Used, under 100 hour, Bobcat CT335 tractor only. Great shape. Final price $13,500 NO LOADER!! I would use for 5 acre brush hog and maybe some finish mowing.

    Option B: New, Bobcat CT335 tractor WITH Loader. Final price $17,500. I would use as above, brush hog and finish mowing AND some snow clean up of driveway after our pick-up has plowed. Would also use for mulch, small sunflower production and garden maintenance, etc. Light duty use.

    So, how much is a loader worth in dollars and cents on a new tractor? Is it a $4,000 option OR more or less? I did not think to ask the dealer.

    I know the loader might be handy but I have a large Toro garden tractor with a FEL that seems to meet our garden and snow management needs. Perhaps I keep that and buy the used Bobcat without the loader for the mowing?

    Keep in mind please that Bobcat has ended production of the compact tractors.
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    Default Re: Bobcat CT335

    Go with the new.
    By the time you add the loader to the used tractor you will be at or above the price of the new tractor/loader unit.
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    Default Re: Bobcat CT335

    Quote Originally Posted by DK35vince View Post
    Go with the new.
    By the time you add the loader to the used tractor you will be at or above the price of the new tractor/loader unit.
    I agree. Suggested list on the loader is $4500 - $4800 plus freight and that price is while loaders are still in production. Once Bobcat is out of tractors the loader will be special build only and price likely to increase. If you think you might want the loader, go new. Special pricing includes the loader at no additional charge in order to help move the remaining inventory of tractors.

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT335

    option B

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    I would go with the new Ct335.

    It's a great machine! I have had mine now for almost 3 years and am very satisfied with it!
    ...I have all the answers, can you wait a minute while I ask my wife?

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    Default Re: Bobcat CT335

    I'm very happy with my CT335, but if you're planning to use it for finish mowing, I'd be concerned
    with it's weight. I know that mine leaves a 1 to 2 inch depression from the rear tires (R4) on any
    ground other than gravel. My rear tires are loaded with rim guard which might account for the
    depressions. Something to think about!
    Best Regards from Candia, NH

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