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    Default Deluxe vs. Standard Seat???

    What does the Deluxe Suspension seat do for you that the Standard seat does not?

    To convert to a Deluxe Suspension seat is $600 plus labor. What real world benefits would the Deluxe seat provide me? Is it only a "cushier" ride or are there OTHER BENEFITS to consider?

    So far the standard seat seems to ride OK. What am I missing?

    $600 could help me purchase a decent used rotary cutter instead of the Deluxe Suspension seat but, (or is that butt!), I don't want to be cheap either. Your thoughts please.


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    Default Re: Deluxe vs. Standard Seat???

    For me it depends how long I am in the seat. If its only a couple of hours at a time any seat would work for me. If I am in the seat for six or seven hours straight (and I am sometimes) a nice seat would be well worth the extra money.
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    Can't say I could comment on the standard as I don't recall an option but the numerous times I've commented on how comfortable that seat is. It has a multitude of adjustments and I could spend hours in the field.

    I used to have a BX series kubota and even after they reissued a seat upgrade I was stoll last to admit it was killing my back even after an hour of cutting grass. If you can upgrade later, should you so choose, I might gamble but a luxury seat on a tractor is inv invaluable.
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    Default Re: Deluxe vs. Standard Seat???

    The suspension seat is an incredible device that takes the majority of the dips and jars of uneven terrain and cushions or eliminates most of that movement from reaching your spine. My tractor came with it, now I wouldn't have one without it.
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