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    Default Bolens G174 / Iseki TX1500F Clutch Jammed

    I posted this in the general parts/repair section of this forum, however it has received very few views and no responses. Any help would be appreciated.

    This is not the typical stuck clutch from sitting too long.

    I was operating the tractor moving dirt with the FEL. Everything had been going just fine, no issues for about 45 minutes of work. Then after getting another scoop from the pile I pressed in the clutch and it did not disengage. I had to forcefully push the gear lever out of gear, into neutral.

    I got the tractor going again by letting it roll and slipping it into gear. I tried depressing the clutch and pressing the brakes, extremely hard. On the fifth try I got it to stop. Tried a few gears and I thought it was working. Then it jammed again. I tried several more times to break the clutch free by driving with the clutch and brakes depressed at the same time. No more luck.

    I pulled the access plug and had my wife press and release the clutch peddle several times, everything is moving internally like it should. I then used a strap to hold the clutch peddle down. I slipped a small screw driver through the access hole and could easily wiggle the clutch plate. I then released the clutch peddle and the clutch plate firmed up.

    After that I used the strap again to hold the clutch peddle down and put the tractor in gear and tried rocking it. No luck freeing anything up that way.

    Does anyone have any more ideas? Or is it time to break the tractor in half and see what is inside?


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    Default Re: Bolens G174 / Iseki TX1500F Clutch Jammed

    Sounds to me like the transmission pilot shaft and the pilot bushing or bearing in the end of the crankshaft may have seized togather. If they are stuck you may have a hard time splitting the tractor to repair it.

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    Default Re: Bolens G174 / Iseki TX1500F Clutch Jammed

    Yep, I was thinking that might be the case. Or maybe a bolt has backed out from the flywheel. I hope I can get it apart.


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    Default Re: Bolens G174 / Iseki TX1500F Clutch Jammed

    I dont have an answer to your problem but I have a simler problem. I have a kabota L245 and an Iseki TL3200 that when I push hard with the loader the clutch will stick. I have to pull the shifter out of gear to get them to stop. When I put them back in gear every thing is ok till the next time. I dont think mine is the pilot bearing or it would not start working again. I do agree that a frozen pilot bearing would drive the tractor......Larry

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    Default Re: Bolens G174 / Iseki TX1500F Clutch Jammed

    I was able to pull it apart this past weekend. It ends up being the pilot bearing. It looks like the previous owner replaced the clutch recently and whoever did the job filed the input shaft to clean it up. Unfortunately it does not appear to be round anymore, close but not quite. I suspect this was my problem. I will have to have the input shaft ground down and a new pilot being fit. Maybe I will find the time to unbury my lathe and do it myself. One local machine shop did not want to be bothered with it.

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