Thursday I went to a Tractor Supply Store about 40 minutes away and bought a post hole digger with auger, a 5' wide tiller, and a 5' wide rake. I put the PHD & auger in the back of my small pickup and told them I'd be back the next day with a trailer for the other 2 items. I was treated pretty good and I was happy. Saturday I returned with a 5' by 8' landscape trailer with tailgate removed for the other 2 items plus some oil and a few hardware parts I needed. Their "expert" (#1) couldn't understand what I needed for pin, bushing, and spacers for the top of my 3 pt. I paid for the stuff I could find and then drove around back where they were to load the implements. The tiller was wedged in between 2 other items and the fork lift operator (#2) lifted it from beneath putting pressure on the tines (it's listed at 550#). She had trouble figuring out how to get it on the trailer and called for an assistant (#3) to come help. #3 had her lift with the forks at the top of the crate and 45 minutes later they had it on the trailer but not up front enough to put weight on the tongue. I heard a little grumbling about not having enough room to get the rake on (there was room, both items were packaged vertically). They must have called for #1 because he appeared and told me he "highly recommended" that I only take one item at a time because of the weight. My trailer is rated for 1700# and the rake is only listed at 240#. When I pointed that out he repeated the "highly recommended" and mentioned tongue weight on the hitch. I don't like to be BS'ed so I told them to take the tiller off , and asked for the paper work / operator's manuals. They couldn't produce paper for either item so I left. Then I noticed one tine on the rake was bent. Now between lifting by the tiller tines and the bent rake tine I'm concerned about damage done in their yard and I'm thinking I should ask them for new tiller & rake right off a delivery truck. As happy as I was Thursday, I'm just as unhappy Friday.