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    Default Groundskeeper?

    Is anyone here familiar with the Bolens Groundskeeper? I've run across one, and for some strange reason I'm interested in it. I don't need it, I have a machine that I mow with. I just keep thinking about it though, and thinking it might be fun to mess with.

    My number one concern is parts availability and reliability. For those of us who aren't familiar with them, it's an articulated garden tractor with the deck on the front. It just looks like a nightmare to work on or find parts for. I could be wrong though, I really don't know.

    Any opinions or advice would be great. I don't need it, but it's got a bigger mowing deck than my current machine (currently using a 60", it has a 72") and just looks cool.

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    Default Re: Groundskeeper?

    I love the old GKs, they are pretty hard to come by and parts and accessories are harder to come by, but worth it IMO. There are a few guys over on that have them, they could probably point you in the direction for parts and such. Just look in the Bolens section

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    Default Re: Groundskeeper?

    I was off work about two years ago upon buying a new residence due to a surgery, and at that time I had like three months virtually laid up to consider buying a tractor to clear my lane as well as cut my grass and maybe grater as well. I took a long look at the groundskeeper, it was much more machine than I needed, but it looked really cool and I was drawn to it. I found one with twin front mounted dual stage snowblowers, I wanted it so bad. But what let me down was its only two wheel drive, and it looks like alot of machine to move. My driveway is some what a hill. And I think they only made them like 68-69 and parts im sure are much more of a scavenger hunt than ISEKI stuff is. The one I found was in Mass. and it was two machines, one for parts and one that ran. The guy wanted $2000 total for both, it was the parts machine that almost swayed me, but I decided against it. I still think they look cool though and if I saw one locally I may consider one as a tinkerer.

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