A while back I put up a post on the Bolens forum about cross referencing the Capa filter to a Wix or maybe even another brand. I was gonna send it to Wix, however since I found a spare at Ray's mower service in Boyertown PA, and they even sell them on ebay (350596965423) is the item number. Ray's made these filters sound readily available if I ever needed another so I never bothered sending it to anyone for cross reference. I use my Bolens tractors on my 5 acre property mainly for snow removal, and a few other utility uses, not so much for mowing anymore as my smaller dept store tractor makes such a much better cut and with a comparable deck size. I figured that I would not need to replace the Capa filter for a few years so I never bothered with it anymore. The Bolens tractor is 10X the utility tractor the dept. store tractor is for sure though. I have not really found anything it has let me down in its ability.