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    Default Anyone remember the Bolens Gardner?

    When I was a kid back in the 60's,70's, My Dad brought home what I think was a Bolens Gardner. It was a two wheeled walk behind tractor, had a big old cast iron 6 HP engine with a gear reduction out the side. It had #60 chain to a
    crossshaft with two cone clutches driving down to the wheels with more chain and sprockets. You used to have to carry a big crescent wrench in your back pocket because one clutch would not release when you threw the big levers and you would have to reach forward to the clutch and give it a smack with the crescent wrench to release it. I used it to blade snow , but I recall it had a sicle a set of discs. front plow. One fatefull day the chain being worn out climbed up under itself and stopped the engine dead. it broke the frame and bent the crankshaft. That was it, it never ran again.
    Any way, reminiscing. does any one own or remember this unit, or better yet have a picture of it?
    Just curious.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember the Bolens Gardner?

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