Hi! I'm new to the forum and recent owner of my first tractor: a Bolens H16 (first series).
I bought it in the aim of mowing my lawn using the 42" deck.
I started with restoring the deck that was in poor condition. Still far from perfect, but it runs.
Then I started to use the beast: I very much like the hydro trans. However I feel some horses are missing: mowing 8" grass can stall the engine unless I drive VEEERY SLOW.
Thus I have two questions (as a start ) for Bolens experts:

- I noticed when the tank is nearly full, when engine is started, benzine is sprayed from the tank through the small hole is the tank-cap. If I reduce the amount of benzine in the tank (increasing air/benzine ratio), pressure of the benzine spray is reduced. It seems to me the tank is brought Under pressure when engine is running. Does this sound normal to you all (apart from the fact it is pretty dangerous)?
- When throttle lever is lifted to max, I got the feeling the engine doesn't turn 'very' fast. How can I determine if I should change the throttle cable settings to get more rpm, without risking to kill the engine?

Thanks for heping, there aren't so many bolens specialists here...in France.