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    Default FEL mounted hitch

    i want to mount a hitch to the front of my FEL. it would be a clamp on type,
    to move a trailer. i would be making this in my shop. i have read some of the
    post on this subject, and i am concerned about mounting it to the bottom of
    the bucket. someone had said they did not think the bottom of the bucket
    was strong enough to do this. i would appreciate any comments on this,
    anyone share their thoughts?
    william l. brown

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    Default Re: FEL mounted hitch

    Can't imagine it would be a problem, especially if you made it up to distribute the weight a bit. How about something that slips over the bottom edge, and has a chain binder or load binder type attaching means that loops around the back of the bucket and clamps on the upper edge?

    My homemade toothbar slips over the bottom edge like that, and is held on by two 3/8" bolts. Due to the way it fits, I have picked the back end of the tractor off the ground when one tooth hooked onto a tree root. This is with 15 gallons of antifreeze in each rear R4. Had to go get the RFM for more weight. No problem then, and didn't phase the bucket.........chim

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    Default Re: FEL mounted hitch

    I have seen several buckets up here where they have simply burned a 3/4" hole in the center front of the bucket. Then they will mount a ball there when needed or drop a pin through it for the hay trailer tongue.
    Both the bucket on the Cat backhoe and kubota L4310 with FEL and the the right fork on the pallet forks for the Cat have a nice little 3/4" heat generated hole through them at the golf course I work on.

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    Default Re: FEL mounted hitch

    What I've made for my JCB165HF is a simple little who dun it for the forks.

    If you look at it the two by six quarter wall tubing slides right over the fork. The little thingy dingy hanging out kaddywampus is the keeper. It slides into the piece of inch and a half quarter wall just fine. If you look at it close you can see where it locks in behind the vertical part of the fork.

    The inch and a half round bar on the front works perfect. I have trailers that are pintle hitched, two inch, two and five sixteenths balled. This allows me to move any and all of them with ease.

    Yesterday morning a lone lineman came in and was looking at loading a pole trailer by himself. I grabbed Iris (my JCB) and the trailer mover mechanism. We had him loaded and a grinnin' like he had good sense in a minute or two.

    It slips on easy and it don't take up much space.
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    Default Re: FEL mounted hitch

    Hey Harv, is the attachment on the right side of that picture the backhoe attachment you made?

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