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    Default Yet another snow plow thread!

    Here in Central Virginia we do not often get snow, maybe once every 10 years or so we will have a large snow. It is not uncommon to go several years with out a snow that exceeds 3 to 4inches in depth. This does not justify a lot investment in snow removal equipment. But what about those years (like this one ) when you have several deep snows >8". And what if the driveway you have to push is a 1 mile long dirt road?

    I rememberd a pull type V plow that my father had when I was a boy and decided to see if I could recreate his idea and mount it to the loader on my Centurty 2535 (Branson 3510). Using 3/4 " marine grade plywood, treated 2x4s some misc oak boards that I had,and some metal that I had lying around, I built the plow shown in the attached pictures plowing the 10" snow that fell yesterday. It attaches to the quick connect assembly on the loader so I can attach it is about 2 minutes or less.

    The tractor has plenty of power and weight (tires are not filled) to handle the 10" snow as shown in the attached pictures. I can plow this road in about 1 hour. because the road has a high crown I often have to make a back pass to moe a bit extra from one side that did not clear as cleanly. One pass leaves a 11 ft wide road.

    Best of all even if I had to buy everything it stillcould be constructed for about $300. Now I have plowed only 3 snows with it so I do not know how it will hold up for the long term. But it works and is economical.
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    Default Re: Yet another snow plow thread!

    Good job ,,, I remember my Uncle built a v plow 45-50 yrs ago. Instead of pushing his he pulled his behind a Farmall Super M
    He used 2x10 or 2x12 from a saw mill...
    From what I can remember it did a good job..but I believe the setup you cam up with will work a lot lot better.
    Have fun and be safe !!!

    JD1026R H120 fel w/54"bucket; 60" mmm ; 260 BH/w 12" bucket; ballast box; rear weights; front quick hitch w/angling kit and 54 " blade ;3pt rear 60" blade ; JD 47" frt snowblower ; Original Tractor Cab;Bush Hog 47" tiller and 15" Middle Buster

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    Default Re: Yet another snow plow thread!

    Nice job.
    By the looks snow drift doesn't stand chance..roll back w/ease.

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    Default Re: Yet another snow plow thread!

    Thanks. I have been pleased with the way it moves the snow. The pull behind plow we had was 2x12 oak and was pulled with a Massey Haris model 30. Willie Jones

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