I recently purchased a Onan Cummins DNAD 60, 11.5 KW Diesel genset. The unit was manufactured in 2003 never installed and has less than an hour. It has the (Run / Off / 2-wire Remote) control panel. The previous owner also threw in a stainless steel 30 Gal tank and some 3 AWG wire. The tank was never used and has no connectors other than what is manufactured within the tank.

I have some questions regarding installation:

It has an intake preheater instead of glow plugs that is mounted but the electrical wire is not installed... Anyone know where it connects to?

Can brass NPT fittings be used on a stainless steel tank? or are there corrosion issues?

The wire is a 4 wire (Red/black/white/copper) The genset has grounding locations indicated and a double pole 50 amp breaker to connect to. Currently the set resides in my garage so it would not be grounded into the "ground" I plan to move it to a shed in the spring. I am not sure where the white/neutral wire connects to... any one know?

These are some pics of me getting it home.. and yes that is a VW GTI pulling it in a U-Haul trailer ONAN slideshow by emailstasko - Photobucket

Thanks for any help! or if you know of a site that would have some info that would be appreciated!