Some time back Don (centex) designed a trick weight thingy for his three point post hole digger. It has kept me thinking.

I think I've figured out how I'm going to do the one for my JCB skid steer.

The quick attach plate allows the auger motor to hand down with two pivots integrated so that it can tilt side to side and back to front.

This allows me to have the weight dead up over the auger most times. But when I tilt the attach plate forward the weight will tilt out and parallel to the ground. It can double my weight without having to do anything extra from the cab. I'm thinking about starting off with a five hundred pound weight which will give me an extra thousand pounds when the plate is tilted forward.

I also have an acme threaded inch an a half rod with a twelve volt motor attached to it. This came off of an assembly that used the screw action to raise a boom. I can see the potential for using the rod and motor to put the weight out farther from the attach plate under some circumstances.

Last week some of my holes were in packed sand that was harder than a bad girl's heart at the time the rent's due. A little extra down pressure would have meant a lot.