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    Default Add to a scrape, pulverizor attachment

    Not too many 4' soil pulverizor manufactured and if they did the price would be...!!!!

    Seams like I could fab up brackets to hold a 6 or 8" pipe then the pipe could have some rods welded to it. Should be easy to fab up and work ok for the price. Thoughts? I'd have to get a welding shop to do the work since I don't have metal cutting or welding ability.

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    Default Re: Add to a scrape, pulverizor attachment

    How many rods do you figure you would weld to the pipe? How long would each rod be, and what material would you get for the rods?
    How long would the 6 or 8" pipe be?

    Check with the welding shop for a price quote. Might find that the mfg. version will not seem so expensive.

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