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    Default skidsteer 35ton log splitter

    I just got done testing out the new logs splitter and it rocks!!

    Here is the story:
    everything painted blue, the ram, the valve, the splitting head all came from Iron and OAK log splitter manufactures for $750 delivered. IT has an 8" i-beam and 5" ram
    I had the bobcat plate and the tube steel at the barn.
    the hinge is a piece of 1/4" wall 2" diameter pipe with a excavator bucket pin connecting it together.
    Once I had the other attachment cut from the bobcat plate, I had about 4hrs of fab time.
    I had 2 - 12' hoses made to attach the bobcat to the splitter and the machine works great.

    upper portion of splitter $750
    Hoses $300
    my labor and consumables $100/hr @ 6hrs or FREE
    total cost $$1050
    If I were to buy from a manufacture, $2500 plus?

    Additional changes that are going to be made.
    Install a gusset from the bottom of the bobcat plate to the underside of the 6" rusted tube. When you travel with the splitter hooked to the bobcat the splitter bounces.
    rotate the valve to the top of the ram so that splitter can be operated from both sides.

    Comments are appreciated!
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    Default Re: skidsteer 35ton log splitter

    Nice set-up. I would guess your machine flows around 30 GPM. I expect you will throttle back to some lower GPM. To carry 30 GPM at 3000 PSI I would think you would need at least .75" hose. Your splitter control valve may not handle 30 GPM anyway.

    I recently set an old gasoline powered splitter with a tired/shot motor up on my skid steer and like it so far. I have been thinking of turning it upside down and just using the control valve in the SS and splitting from the cab. Be nice to do the oversized pieces without the wrestling match. Mine will go vertical also so that at least cuts down on lifting.

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    Default Re: skidsteer 35ton log splitter

    I talked with the guys at IronandOak today and he said that they run #12 hose off their pumps on their selfcontained units. So I am going to take the #12 hose off my snowblower and see how they work tonight

    The S300 bobcat has 81Hp, pressure relief on the machine is ste at 2750 or 3000psi and puts out 20.7gpm on standard flow and 37gpm on hi-flow, I dont think that I can get hi-flow to work without attaching all 3 hoses.
    It was hot here yesterday so I turned the A/C in the cab and got in it a few time to cool off. Nothing like a log splitter with air conditioning!! LOL

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    Default Re: skidsteer 35ton log splitter


    I installed the # 12 hose from the snow blower. The splitter operates awesome. I ran the bobcat at idle speed, 1000rpm about. when the auxiliary hydraulic is engaged the bobcat engine doesn't change its sound, with the other hoses (small diameter) then the aux. hyd was engaged the bobcat motor changed its sound, like it was under a strain.. I ran the splitter with the new hose, 2 hrs at 1000rpm the outside temperature was 70degrees, the hydraulic temp never went over 120degrees or something like that. With the smaller hoses I ran the motor at 1500rpms to get ideal same ram speed, it was 70 degrees out and the hydraulic temp went as high as 145 degrees, there abouts. With the larger hoses, I cranked the RPMS to the max 2400, and the ram was at an extreamly unsafe speed so I backed down to an idle
    Larger hoses less friction, less heat, saves fuel and wear on the machine.....

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