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    Default Log splitter question

    I'd like to have a splitter, but funds are low. I'll need to borrow/rent one in the near future, for the current season, but for future, I'd prefer to rely on my own equipment.

    My tractor is a MF1010. What I'd like to know, is if I built one using the tractor hydraulics, how many tons of a splitter could I build with the capabilities of the hyd pump on the little tractor?

    Also, what is involved in getting the hydraulics back to the splitter?

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    Default Re: Log splitter question

    By the model of the tractor I would guess max 4 gallons per minute at 2000 psi.The splitting power comes from the area of the cylinder. There are many sites to pull off the calc.
    Craig Clayton

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    Default Re: Log splitter question

    Craig is right. The splitting power is determined by only two things.

    1. Your tractors PSI which is probabally ~ 2000PSI

    2. The cylinder Diameter. The larger diameter cylinder, the more force.

    Likewise, the speed is going to depend on two things as well

    1. The GPM which is probabally only ~ 4

    2. The cylinder size. Bigger gives more power but will me slower.

    If you have 2000PSI and a 4GPM pump force and cycle times will be as follows

    3.5" cylinder 24" stroke = 9.6Tons of force and 15 seconds to extend, a little less on retract.

    4" cyl would be 12.5 Ton and about 19 seconds to extend and a little less on retract

    4.5" cyl would be ~16 ton and 24 seconds on extend only.

    Bottom line is, you will spend a bunch of money and end up with a slow splitter and not a lot of power. Unless you already have some parts, it is cheaper to BUY a splitter than build one.

    I'd buy a stand alone unit. They will be quicker and cheaper to operate. I can speak very highly of the TSC speeco/husky that we bough 10 years ago for about $1000.
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    Default Re: Log splitter question

    Thanks guys. I had heard some of the tractor units wern't that fast and knew the little MF1010 didn't have a lot of flow (based on how slow my bucket works). I do not have any of the parts needed, so I'll keep looking towards the rental and eventual buy of a stand alone unit.

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