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    Default 3 Pt Forklift

    Saw this for sale on a Government auction site( Said it was homemade. I wouldn't had figured that out if they didn't tell me LOL. It looks like it might be a cool idea but I'm not sure about how much it could really lift without lifting front tires off ground. It could also get tippy at full height.
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    Default Re: 3 Pt Forklift

    Home modified would be better description I think. They took an existing short mast forklift boom and retrofitted it to a three point hitch. I would either want a hefty amount of front weight or a good seat belt because if it tipped at full mast the catapult effect the operator would experience as he / she was ejected horizontally out of the seat would be nasty .
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    Default Re: 3 Pt Forklift

    I'm guessing the weight of the mast and forks alone mean that a sizable tractor would be needed...

    3pl mounted forklifts are fairly common in the EU, although most have stabaliser wheels at the bottom to help conteract the leverage effect - definately I would not want to lift anything heavy without...
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    Default Re: 3 Pt Forklift

    How do you put pallets on pallet shelves with a 3 pt. forklift? I just don't see any use for such a thing.
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    Default Re: 3 Pt Forklift

    Hey if it went cheap enough at the auction.... If you didn't have a FEL but a stout 60+ hp tractor you could load and unload pallets on a truck. I've seen 3pt forklift used at orchards. Who ever put on that hitch conversion didn't fool around did he!

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