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    Default Modify forks for 3PH

    I originally asked some questions in the JD forum specific to the 3PH lift capacity of my tractor. Today I tested out this setup and it easily picked up 1500lb pallet of hard maple boards. That meets my criteria since this setup will be used to carry a 6 barrel (200 gal.) sap gathering tank on the back of the tractor. If I max it out some day I'll try to remember to post the lift capacity. The brackets are all 2x2x1/4" angle iron with a 1/4"x2" flat plate across the top.

    There have been some discussions regarding 3PH lift geometry in the past. I matched the top link/bottom link spacing on the fork side with the tractor side in the center hole. This yields a parallel lift when necessary. For the sap tank, I'll use the bottom hole on the tractor which will cant the tips of the forks up about 4" at full lift. This will help keep the tank from sliding off when coming up our steep hills.

    Modify forks for 3PH-dsc_4388-jpg

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    Default Re: Modify forks for 3PH

    Looks good

    I'm guessing you modified the carrige off a fork lift, or was it a FEL?
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