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    Looking for ideas for my table top? I built a 2x2x1/8 frame for a welding table with wheels to move it around. The top is 4'x3'x1/4" and is heavy as all get out. I was thinking about welding it on but I would not be able to carry it up a moving truck ramp should we move and that is just a thought now. Haven't put the house on the market yet. I don't know if we could get what we paid. It has a 24x24 shop building with it. The lift gate trucks are near to impossible to get. They are for commerical moves only.
    The table top has a one inch over hang all the way around give or take. I was thinking about maybe bolting it down. I would have drill about 4 or 5 holes and drill through the frame. Before doing all this extra work I would like some ideas first. Those that built welding tables how did you mount your tabel top?
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    I wouldn't worry about moving it if you sell your house. A 2 wheel hand cart will move just about anything. Get one with solid tires, the inflatable ones are a pain to use.

    I welded my top on. I have never had a reason to take the top off.

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    Id imagine you could tack weld it on enough for use and still be easy to grind the weld and release the top...

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    like others said, weld it on & leave it unless you are planning on moving real soon. You can also bolt it on using countersunk bolts with less distortion fears. wont need a lot of weld to hold it down unless you are planning on it surviving a cat.5 tornado...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopped View Post
    Id imagine you could tack weld it on enough for use and still be easy to grind the weld and release the top...
    Tack or stitch weld it and grind out it out if you need to remove..My welding table is a wooden cart on 4 wheels with a piece of 1/4 inch plate just sitting on doesn't move..

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    I welded mine, and when it came time to move, I cut a 2"x2" tube about 2" long and welded that in the center, and picked the whole table up with the tractor. Got to the new shop, unloaded with the tractor, and cut the tube off with the angle grinder.

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