I think when I ordered it I did pay about $200 for the crane and $100 shipping my recall was that it was about $300 total + or- a few $,

The simple is
If I lift, say some thing that weighs 500 pounds Plus I do not really trust the HF unit, and I do not really have any feelings of concern when using the Vestil unit,

ON the HF unit it has helped a lot since I changed the winch out to the D&L unit, with the feeling of confidence.

and I would guess if one put the electric winch on it it may make it extremely handy, the S10 is not that much of a problem as one can reach the winch handle from the ground and in most any position but the one ton flat bed some times one kinda runs out of room depending on the direction the unit is pointing, and having the electric winch, and a remote control could make it very handier.