a few weeks ago I asked about Chonda engines, and said I had a project,

the project was to assemble a gasoline powered air compressor out of some parts I had around,

basically the main part I had to fabricate,, was the deck to mount the pump on and the motor on, and then mount on the tank, (the Tank was from a old Oiless compressor that died and parts were nearly as much as replacement) so I replaced that machine, with a Senco compressor.

the pump was from the old shop compressor, that was replaced, when the tank on it died,

so all I needed was basically a power supply, and an unloader,

this is what I came up with,

where I got the idea, (I had loaded the small Senco compressor on the truck and use the welder to run it, but I was using a chipping air hammer to drive electric fence stakes in very very hard soil,
(would take 50 hits with a 2 pound sledge hammer on a 1/2" re bar post).
so we came up with trying the chipping hammer, 3" stroke, and a ground rod driver, Air compressor out of parts,-ht-20x_11_15_2009-jpg and worked well but the air supply was limited, and would not build up enough between posts, (this gas powered unit is about twice the capacity of the small Senco unit),