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    Default metal building measuring wall liner panel?

    Hi guys,

    I'm installing pole building metal on the walls inside my building. The ceiling is already installed and around the perimeter of the ceiling is an upside down j-trim that the top of my panel will slide up into. (note -- I'm calling it J-trim for brevity but the top trim is not technically a j-trim)

    I'm just now going to install the bottom trim.

    When I order my metal they cut the metal to an even inch.

    I made a story pole that will slide up into that pocket in the j-trim around the ceiling just as the wall liner would. I'm going to use that story pole to align the bottom trim (as I install the bottom trim) so that it runs perfectly parallel to the top trim.

    What I need to know is how much "gap" I should allow in my measurements for installing the wall panels?

    In other words, say I position the top of the bottom trim at 138.5 inches from the top of the pocket in the top trim. Then I would order wall panels pre-cut to 138 inches. That would leave me a half inch gap for installing the panel.

    Someone else said to allow a 1 inch gap. To me...that sounds like way too much.

    I want to hear from someone that has done this for a living or has a lot of experience doing this since we're talking thousands of dollars in metal I'm ordering.

    How much gap should I allow?


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    Default Re: metal building measuring wall liner panel?

    I built pole and metal buidings for close to 15 years before changing carrers and a lot of those were lined with steel on the inside. Yes, J channel is the correct term for that trim at the top the steel slides into. 1/2" clearance should be more than enough provided the top J channel is straight within 1/4" variance, and you keep your steel running plumb. It is much easier to cut off a little, if it hits a tight spot, than trying to make it cover a large gap. 1' at the top would leave the top edge exposed, giving appearance of not well finished. If the steel length at an even inch length is a little too short you could always add another row of the J channel at the top, just butt it up against the one that is there.

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    Default Re: metal building measuring wall liner panel?

    Just install the bottom J as you put the wall panels up, no need to have it fixed in place prior. Use the last screw to hold the J and panel. I'm a builder and that is how I would do it. Have all the panels cut the same length, keep them tight at top.

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    Default Re: metal building measuring wall liner panel?

    I wouldn't use that story pole against a truss, that is unless they are checked for true. The bottom chord of the truss can be very wavey and can change alot in 2'. This will give you a fit trying to follow those marks. This may not be the case but in such situations I would make your mark on each end and one every 15' or so in between and chalk a line for your trim. Allow your self the 1/2 " you mentioned (from your longest measurement of the wall). Chances are you may not want to "relate" down from the ceiling. The floor will be a "stronger" visual point of reference, giving the eye something to relate to, assuming that your floor will be parallel to your bottom wall trim, giving you a point to measure up from for your bottom closure (rat) trim.

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