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    Default Parallel or perpendicular skidsteer log splitter?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm building a log splitter for my skidsteer. I noticed that a lot of splitters are designed where the I-beam sticks out straight in front of the skid and others have the beams running parallel to the quick attach.

    Just wondering what might be the pros and cons of each? With the beam sticking straight out front I imagine its easier to navigate between the trees in the woods. But I would think visibility and being able to see the log would be better with the splitter running parallel to the quick attach.


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    Default Re: Parallel or perpendicular skidsteer log splitter?

    Sticky straight out gives more work room around it and easier to retrieve pieces that fall off the back side.
    Parallel will allow it to balance better going over rough terrain, and you can give it more support to the I-beam welding support down to the QA at both ends.
    Depends on what advantages you prefer or disadvantages you can live with.

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    Default Re: Parallel or perpendicular skidsteer log splitter?

    It seems like one could use the one that sticks straight out to load the wood too (if you ever happen to be down in your back). Gently pick up a 12" round with a little pressure, raise it, drive forward until the wood is over the truck bed, then split it so that the splits fall into the truck.
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    Default Re: Parallel or perpendicular skidsteer log splitter?

    MORETHANAWOODSPLITTER | MORE THAN A WOOD SPLITTER | M&M Engineered Products Here is an address to the one I use. I think the side to side type might be easier to position for splitting, but I love the one I use now for the benefit of side trimming trees and even cutting the small limbs from the trees you have felled. It will also shear the smaller diameters into firewood lengths. I also use it for picking the trees up and holding at waist level for blocking into fire wood lengths. Being able to hold the logs at waist level has allowed me to attract some "younger than me help". It will pick up a large log if the splitter is "curled" back close to the machine. I realize this is a build it yourself blog, but you might possibly get some ideas from the website. The wedge on mine is rather narrow and sharp and it would probably split better with a thicker wedge. I plan to build an option for the wedge to split or shear.

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