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    Default Re: Removing PLATE or ears on T posts easily

    Quote Originally Posted by bcarwell View Post
    Thanks to all for some creative answers. Neglected to mention I have ~ 20-30 to do so stopping to make a jig is not feasible as part of the fence is down and I'll have cattle everywhere if I don't hop to. Opted for the vise/chisel/pop off method- still takes some time but they're coming off. Next time for a bigger section I'll remember to find the ones without the wings or to make the suggested tools. Almost thought pounding in upside down was a clever solution until I quickly realized the plates get in the way of the pounder. Anyway, thanks for all the input.

    You _could_ 'redneck' them. Put 'em in upside down leaving the plates on.

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    Default Re: Removing PLATE or ears on T posts easily

    You could buy them from Tractor Supply. I bought 250 last year and over half of them fell off before I got them in the ground. I had to tack weld them back on. They are much needed in this area. The best way to get them off is to lay them at a 90 degree angle over a log. Stand on the t-post and use a air hammer to force the plate off. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Removing PLATE or ears on T posts easily

    Use one of these air hammers to strip off the plate.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Removing PLATE  or ears on T posts easily-impact-hammer-jpg  

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    I've always just used a 2-3lb hammer and just beat them over and off. Occasionally need heavy pliers or vice grips to finish it off.

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    Default Re: Removing PLATE or ears on T posts easily

    I've seen earless version at my local farm supply store.

    ask around, you can likely order an earless version for a few pennies less than the normal ones.
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