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    Default Leaf Bucket

    So, I have to pick up leaves about 4-5 times a year and each time I get about a 20 foot diameter 4 foot high pile of leaves. I would spend hours filling my bucket with leaves and driving them to my compost pile, until I designed and built this...

    Now, I only have wood to work with as I don't have or know how to weld. I made a design change from this picture and it worked really well. Cut my trips back and forth by 3/4's. I was so proud, but next year I will make even more improvements. I have turned it so it is the width of my bucket now and only extends 4 feet out instead of the 7feet pictured here. It doesn't hold as much, but its much easier to manuever.
    Leaf Bucket-leaf-bucket-rev-1-2-aLeaf Bucket-leaf-bucket-rev1-jpg
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    Very nice! It's inexpensive, efficient, and a big time saver. Plus, it's made of wood so just about anyone can make one. I'd be temped to use your smaller future version to transport other lightweight materials, like shredded bark or compost, in a larger volume.
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    Default Re: Leaf Bucket

    Sometime the simplest thing can turn out lot of extra work.

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    Good idea. Simple yet effective. It's amazing how heavy leaves can be so using the fel with a box is a great idea. Well done.

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    Default Re: Leaf Bucket

    I did something simular this fall, but used an old tarp instead. Wrapped tarp-ends around 2x4's, clamped one side to cutting edge of bucket, fill leaves into tarp, pull other 2x4 up onto top of bucket, (holding upper 2x4 in place with a couple eyebolts thru tarp & 2x4), ran 1/4" rebar thru eyes onto bucket-hooks. Drive over to pile, pull rebar out, lift FEL & dump.
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