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    Default need help finding trany

    i have a old 1970s b7100. the tranmission is finly going out on it the rest of the tractor in working and run graet but the back end grinding and poping it way out. does any 1 know where to find 1 at i look around the indiana dealer ond junk yard and have came up short. if u know where 1 is or have one for sell let me know. please and thank you

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    Default Re: need help finding trany

    West Kentucky Tractor Parts

    Western Kentucky Tractor Parts, they probably have one

    If you've just got some gears and bearings going out, it's probably be cheaper to order the parts and rebuild the transmission. The B7100 is a real easy tractor to work on

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    Try placing an ad in the personal want ads. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for

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    Default Re: need help finding trany

    Try Yesterday's tractors site

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