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    Default I too have a question about 'blown in insulation'

    Have plans to add some of this stuff to a portion of my attic.

    I understand the importance of NOT cover up my soffit vents to keep the air flow.
    Problem is a low attic ceiling (4') and getting back to the vent area to install those styrofoam vent block things would be difficult.

    A buddy at work had a idea that sounds like it may work and wanted your opinions.
    Blow the stuff in there without the styrofoam blocks and then go to the outside of the vent and have at it with the leaf blower to clear a air flow path.

    Sounds like it might work.
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    Default Re: I too have a question about 'blown in insulation'

    My thought is that you would actually blow too much material away from the edges where your ceilings meet the exterior walls. That stuff is light and fluffy. When I had an insulator do my attic he actually put a dam of fiberglass insulation under each baffle to prevent the wind from carrying material away form the edges. I don't imagine he would have taken that extra step if he didn't think it was necessary.
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    Default Re: I too have a question about 'blown in insulation'

    Think about this for a while. The perimeter of your attic contains a disproportionate amount of the area. It is more important to get the insulation right at the edges than in the middle.

    For example in a 20' x 20' area there are 400 sq ft. In a 16' x 16' area there are 256 sq ft. This means the outer two feet has 144 sq ft. or more than 1/3 of the total area. It is worth doing the contortions to get in there and put the cardboard or styrofoam baffles in place correctly.
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    Default Re: I too have a question about 'blown in insulation'

    Yup, do it right. Hire a young kid to crawl out there and put them in. Get the flexible ones, two staples should hold them in place. Get a piece of plywood up there for him to lay on, you feed him the material. The blown in insulation will be a piece of cake then.

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