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    Default New hitch puller

    Made this this weekend for dragging trees and also use for towing trailers around. I still have to paint it.
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    Default Re: New hitch puller

    Nice build. Looks real handy.

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    Default Re: New hitch puller

    That would be handy.

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    Default Re: New hitch puller

    RDZ, nice looking hitch you built, welds look super good too.

    We live and learn. I've built several of these hitches and learned as I went. One that I built had the top bracket turned inside like yours and it would tilt at different angles as you raised and lowered the hitch. If you cut your top link bracket off and weld it straight out of the top, it will raise and lower at a level position all the time. It will work like you have it but if you see yours changing angles, that's the reason why. From a side view, keep your upper and lower pins in a straight line. If you don't, it changes the geometry of the hitch.

    If you wrap your chain around the log twice it works as a choker and won't slip off easily.

    I tried pulling logs with a boom pole and it kept picking up my front end of the tractor, small tractor/big log. I made a short boom pole type rig to go in my hitch just for pulling logs. I came out of the hitch with 2x2 tubing and just 3-4" out of the hitch I welded another piece of tubing pointing up but angled back at about 60 degrees. It rises up maybe 24". I put gussets on each side to strengthen the joining pieces of tubing. Weld a hook on it like you did your hitch. Now when I pull logs it isn't scrubbing my hitch and is swinging free, doesn't affect my turning and easy to pull the log close to the stack and then swing out and jack-knife the log attached to the hitch up against the stack or out of my travel path. It just gives me more manuverability, easier to turn, not binding on my hitch. Just an idea you might want to try.
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