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    Default I fabricated a Stainless Steel Brush Guard GTAW (Tig weld) My first JD 2001 4400

    Im a New first time tractor owner. Bought it 10 days ago, A 2001 JD 4400 SyncReverser with a Frontier RB2072 Blade and a MX5 Rotary cutter.
    I read the owners manual and was worried at first about mowing with no front weight but I mowed a few acres of small trees and it did great, except for no Grill guard. So I looked around on ebay and couldn't find any so I thought buy one for similar size tractor and modify it. All were so expensive so I bought a new seat and a filter kit instead. I decided to just build a brush guard out of what ever I had laying around. Stainless Steel would look good I thought and I have more SS than carbon steel plus you dont have to worry about painting it either.
    Well I started cutting pieces with a porta-band sch. 40 1" pipe & 1/2" pipe Mitering the 1" and coping the 1/2" with 4-1/2" grinder tiger paw sanding disk. I started welding the 1" pipe together well i had to weld 2 pc's together to make 1 pc. of pipe the welded the 90's but before I had that done I cut 1/2" pipe to fit between 22" c-c of frame. I tacked 1/2" pc's in so that when i welded the 1" it wouldn't pull or get distorted, stainless pulls a lot more than carbon does. At this point I still had no idea of how i was going to mount it to the tractor, was thinking of bolting it to another piece that would be bolted to frame like the one i seen. I welded 3/8" round stock between the 1/2" pipe. The measurements I went with were 26" from center of front weight bar up to hood and i measured to center of the head lights, and 22" wide. The front bumper was 17-1/4" x 4-1/4", it had some holes 15" c-c . So thats was i was aiming for. I decided to just bolt to the front but was tricky since i only had this one piece of 1/2" plate full of holes and they are all offset so I had to cut it just right so i could hit those holes. I was planning on drilling through the weight bar if it didn't work out. I added few more pieces to help strengthen and last piece with all the small holes a Perforated piece was cut to fit. Then i was thinking of adding more to sides like Deluxe brush guard or maybe wider at bottom as wide as front tires. I can modify it if need be-jd-6-jpg-jd-5-jpg-jd-2-jpg-jd-1-jpg-jd-3-jpg-jd-4-jpg hope i added pictures right. Thanks Ladtad

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    Default Re: I fabricated a Stainless Steel Brush Guard GTAW (Tig weld) My first JD 2001 4400

    Nice work. Are you planning to tack on some heavy guage expanded metal on the grill guard, at some time in the Future? Again, well done.
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