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    Default 3PH Caddy?

    Another one of my prodjects is I would like to rent out compact implements such as post hole diggers, rollers, box blades, discs, brush hogs, flail mowers, etc.

    Now obviously getting the equipment from point a to point b would be easily accomplished via trailer.

    But, the catch is you gotta have the trailer low enough to get the stuff on and off of easily by the customer.

    So I got to thinking to myself, why not make a 3PH caddy? It could be sold to dealers to let customers self deliver their impliments and also to rental places.

    Anyhoos, here is a pic of what I was thinking of.

    It is pretty simple in design. To attach to impliments it uses a standart Cat. 1 quick hitch. There is a top link for easy adjustment of the angle of the hitch to allow easier hookups onto the top pins of the impliment.

    Raising and lowering is accomplished via a pipe axle system with a peice of tubing on it for leverage. A cable is attached to the end, and when pulled via an electic winch it raises/lowers the caddy based on the wheel angles.

    Once raised it has a safety mechanism preventing it from being raised/lowered by inserting a pin thru a hole in a plate welded to the axle mounts, and thru the tubing leading down to the wheels.

    I think it would work, but I'm worried about stability. If neccessary the wheels could be moved to a point where they are slightly behind the hitch, thus shifting the center of gravity further forward.

    Comments on my madness?

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    Default Re: 3PH Caddy?

    Basically, nice idea and I think you are right about the weight distribution.
    Also IMO, need some means to get some spring action to decrease the effects of bumps, etc.

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    Default Re: 3PH Caddy?

    Perhaps a little beefier, but these are pretty common things at farm dealerships. They mostly use a lever pump hyd pump to rais & lower. They also can pivot after being raised and the 3pt is somewhat offcenter, so the implement can be transported centered over the axle.


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