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    Default Lawn Mower

    I am in the process of buying a 11 acre property about 3 acres wet land (won't be used) about 2 acres in lawn, the other 6 acres is mostly brush and weeds, to be reclaimed and turned in to lawn.
    Can, some one tell me, what would be the best, pull behind mower for this much lawn?
    I have a 52 horse power MF tractor.

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    Default Re: Lawn Mower've got a lot of options!
    First, you don't want to use a finishing mower over that 6 acres until you turned it into a lawn. If you'll probably ruin a rather expensive implement.
    You may read posts how some guy cuts brush with his mower, but it's either BS or he'll be looking for a replacement PDQ.

    So, you'll want a rotary cutter to clean up initially. Go fairly cheap (King Kutter, Howse) on this as you'll probably only use it for a year or so.

    As far as the 2 acres of finished lawn...I'd go for a pretty decent finishing mower (since you'll be using it for 8 acres in a year or so). With 52 HP (and I'd guess 45-48 PTO HP) you can easily go 84"-96". This is going to cost you 2200-3000 bucks depending on the manufacturer.

    Once you've got that brush and such cleaned out, you may want to prep it for a lawn seeding. I would think renting a tiller and yard rake would be best for this. I'd rent, because you may not need those implements again.

    Now you've got something to think about...I'm sure other TBNer's will be jumping in any second now...
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    Default Re: Lawn Mower

    Maybe if you had a disc, you could just disc it up instead of mowing, then seed, then when grass starts growing again, then mow. Any pics of place? This would probably work if all you had was tall grass/weeds. If you have any small trees and saplings, might not work.
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