First let me express my support of this site. I only started to visit about a week ago and have found it to be very informative and for the most part unbiased. Second, a quick note to those looking to buy a tractor. I've purchased (3) in the last 2 years and all came about simply because I observed tractors sitting on properties while at a yard sale and inquired if the owners might be interested in selling. I don't know if they were just in the selling mood, but since many yard sales are due to moving, or people are looking to make a few extra dollars inquiries at least seem to be considered more often than not. As for my current situation I now have two tractors a Yanmar 3110D & FEL and a recent acquisition a Ford 1120 with FEL. It is hard to compare apples to apples in that the Yanmar has considerably more horsepower but is in need of a lot of TLC. The 1120 is in excellent shape but perhaps more of a toy at only 14 horsepower. Now I know the first question is what am I using it for. Answer, nothing at the present time since I am living in the city for now other than amusing myself by loaning them out to other city folks who then tell wonderful stories of how they managed to make a mess. My personal favorite is a neighbor who after taking out his front porch tried to convince his wife there was a localized earthquake at his house that day..I have about the same money in both, but am trying to decide just how limited the 1120 is due to size and no project to use it on to evaluate. I see myself perhaps getting onto a little 10 acre place in the future with perhaps a driveway to maintain and a few basic chores, but nothing big. (I'm getting old) Anyhow, does anyone have some insight into how well these little compact tractors perform? Or should I just fix up the Yanmar knowing that the extra horsepower makes it a better and more versatile keeper? I know this is subjective, but I need to move one of these in that I not even supposed to park any of them here at the house. PS any ideas what the real value of these are... I have less than 4K in each and both have FEL and Gannon's? thanks in advance..