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    As I mentioned before, I'm all for straight up and honest reporting of issues, no matter what the tractor, implement, or whatever, brand and dealer name is. Many times people exagerate their problems and may not give the whole story. This is not one of those. Also, with honest reporting of issues, goes the responsibility to honestly evaluate those particular issues. Over at the CTOA board, 2thdocs issues have been discussed in detail, both on and off line. Similar to what would probably be discussed here, if it was a more popular brand. Since it was a Chinese tractor, many assume that that is the fault, and except it at that, and go on. Ah, if all things were that easy!.

    Many of his problems can be associated with a new inexperienced dealer of these tractors, others such as electrical items, can not. Do I know this absolutely, of course not. But there is strong evidence to support that.
    What is true, is that the Chinese sell these tractors to whomever can buy them. They do not provide a strong support network. Each dealer/brand has to learn what is needed on their own, or gain it from others that have been dealing with them for years. Some, unfortunatly think you can just bolt them together, and shove it out the door. They won't be around very long. This is something that any buyer that is looking at these tractors needs to understand and evaluate before buying. As with many things, the experience and capabilities of the dealer mean more that where it originated at. While my "Jinma Info", on my website, alludes to this, I think I will write a paragraph or two specificly on the subject.

    2thdoc, I'm sorry that your Jinma experience did not end well. The $1000 off of the purchase price seems fair. I wish the best of luck with your new purchase, whatever brand/dealer you end up deciding on. This is an excellent forum, that will provide any support you will need.

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    Default Re: RE: Tractorless

    A follow up to John's post...If it weren't for the CTOA board and it's posting from very experienced dealers and users, I would have never considered buying, let alone selling, these tractors. It was their help and experience that helped my decision. I've had many discussions, on and off line, with these folks and cannot say thank you enough times for their honest and frank answers to my questions...You know who you are and again...THANK YOU. Vince

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