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    Default Re: FEL or not (for now)

    Good point Hoss. I've read that with a MMM you really want to stick with the same brand as the tractor, but with the RMM it really doesn't matter near as much. Thats a massive difference in price. I hadn't priced the RMM other than bota's. Saving that much on the mower would make it much easier to get the FEL.

    I have primarily open field mowing to do. I'll be planting a few more trees but i think a RMM could handle it. My concern with it (and maybe i should move this question to the operation forum ...just let me know) ... but i had trouble pattern mowing with a rear brush hog. when doing a square i'd leave lots of uncut grass that i'd have to go back and clean up. It seemed to take longer. Even the MMM's have trouble but from my experience the MMM is easier to adjust so that i don't miss much grass. But, my issue with the AG tires on the b2910 maybe hitting the MMM has made me reconsider a RMM. And now your post pointing out the huge price difference between RMM's is another point which might really make a difference to me.
    How bout quality comparison between a bota RMM and any other brand. With that big of price difference how many years of service would you expect to get out of any of the RMM's.

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    Default Re: FEL or not (for now)-or Will it ever get done?

    <font color=blue>… with a 4' hog on a 2710 or 2910 i am expecting better performance than my 8N did with the 5'. Does this seem reasonable to you?…</font color=blue>

    Sorry, I just saw this post… the kubota “B” series will have considerably less torque to keep any brush hog turning in heavy brush in reference to your old 8N… Don’t misunderstand me, the 8N is not a powerhouse… but compared to the B… it may be…

    You may have to try out a “B” with your cutter on your property to answer your own question on “if it can or can’t do the job”… cutting a grassy field… no problem… but not heavy brush…

    When it comes to “real brush hogging”… I don’t mean to repeat myself… but again…
    “There is absolutely no substitute for cubic inches and torque... except more cid and torque...”

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    Default Re: FEL or not (for now)

    <font color=red>how many years of service would you expect to get out of any of the RMM's</font color=red>

    I just got mine at the end of last season, so I'm not going to be any good for testifying on length of service. The J.D. 72" RMM was a little more $2600.00. By my reasoning, a J.D. mower would have to last 2.6 times as long as my $1000.00 King Kutter just to break even. Given that you're basically talking about 3 blades &amp; spindles, a gear box, pto shaft, and 4 wheels, if it only lasted say, 8 yrs., then the J.D. unit would have to last 20.8 years to provide the same bang for the buck. This way, I can get a fresh new deck every 8 years and still not have any more money invested. And if I die in 5 years, look at all the money I saved.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: FEL or not (for now)

    moon, I was just reading a sales report for a local auction and they listed 19 rmm's sold the 8 4' went for $75-300 and the 11 5' went from $175-390. I was by there last week previewing and only saw two that I would have hesitated to buy, most only needed blade chages or new safety chains put on.

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