Thanks for the reply all. Ed an Mark ... I had not seriously considered a rear finish mower. A few years back the first tractor i bought was an 8N. I got a 5' brush hog with it, an i figured i'd do my mowing with that. Well without stabalizer bars i scalped alot of my yard, no biggie there, an i know a finish mower wouldn't have that problem. But i also had a hard time cornering without leaving a patch of grass uncut. So when i finished my square pattern mowing i had to go back and get a whole bunch of missed areas. This is my only experience with a pull behind. I liked the 8N tractor but alway had to tinker with something just to keep it running. I never knew if i'd get it stated when i needed it or if i'd have to work an hour on the tractor before starting my chores. Also the fact that it didn't have "live" power i scared the crap oughta myself a couple times - the ole brush hog turing about pushed me over a hill once and though a fence another time.
...but i digress
Due to my problem with pattern mowing (missing so much) and others stating it was normally easier with a MMM I had been set on that. But now finding out the MMM might prevent me from getting AG tires (or maybe even R4 tires ...thanks for the input on that jeff!) i'm reconsidering. I'm watching the other tread on MMM vs rear finish mower. But for me price of kubota impliments the rear vs the MMM did not save me enough to make me go that route. I figure i'll go with what best does the job for me - cause price difference was negligible (i think i was just 300 bucks difference). Also, going up hills (not mowing...just enroute to the area to be mowed) wouldn't i need extra weight on the front to compensate for the rear mower being up in the air as i go up the hill? I did get the front end of the 8N in the air a few times and this was on smaller hills than I'm wanting to tackle with my new 4wd tractor.
thanks again for all the input guys!
happy tractoring!