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    Default Tax Exempt Tractor Sales in New York State

    I don't know if everyone realizes this but I thought I'd share this in passing.

    There are certain conditions whereupon New York State residents may qualify for tax exempt sales status in the purchase of their compact utility tractors. The prerequisite conditions have to be if your CUT is being used in a working commercial operation at least 50% of the time. There is no apparant distinction between whether you are the one operating the commercial operation or whether you are using your CUT as part of someone else's commercial operation. All you would have to do is complete a local sales tax exemption certificate ST-125 that most dealers have or should have. It's mostly agricultural farmers that qualify for this exemption but under certain circumstances others may also qualify. For specifics of the statutory provisions, check out the following link:

    Left double click on U.S. State Resources and then click on your respective State and conduct a search for provisions dealing with 'sales tax exemptions.' Alternatively, you can also pointedly ask your local dealers for information on tax exempt sales.

    I was thinking on this a bit and realized most dealers may not even think of asking potential CUT customers if they would qualify because CUT owners are predominantly hobby and 'gentlemen' farmers and we use our machines to knock around our properties. But, there are some of us that may qualify (I being one [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]) and I wanted to pass this along to make others aware. This could mean a potential savings of $1-2.5K or more that you could keep in your pocket. Hope this helps someone.

    Bob Ancar
    Cambridge, NY

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    Default Re: Tax Exempt Tractor Sales in New York State

    Yes, it is a wonderful provision if your state allows for it.

    The Peoples Republic of Maryland has a similar tax exemption. In fact, the dealer where I purchased my Deere suggested it to me based upon my discussions for usage. Saved me ~$800, that's the cost of an implement.


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    Default Re: Tax Exempt Tractor Sales in New York State


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