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    Default JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    I've been tractor shopping for a few weeks and have narrowed my choices to the two Deeres and the old style kubota. I can buy the 2520 and the B7800 comparably equipped with FEL and 60" MMM for essentially the same price and the 2320 for $1800 less. My application is a home on 5 acres with 2-3 acres of mowing, moving snow in the winter, some landscaping and moving timber around for an outside woodburning stove (dragging logs from the woods and moving cut wood to the OWB).

    Here are my general comments on each:

    B7800 Likes: More HP (30/22), 3 spd HST, more FEL lift capacity
    Dislikes: Old style, slower change on the FEL, brakes on same side as go pedals, more costly to add front blade with hyd. control, ergonomics and comfort of platform.

    2520 Likes: Quicker change on the FEL with 200cx loader, highest pump capacity, cheaper to add nice hyd. control front blade, largest tires, IMatch system, ergonomics and comfort of platform
    Dislikes: Less HP (26.5/20.5), issues with 3pt hitch tire clearance?

    2320 Likes: Smallest (good for mowing), cheapest, ergonomic and comfort of platform.
    Dislikes: Lowest HP (24/18), lower pump capacity

    Generally speaking, I like the style, comfort and amenities of the Deeres. And the lower cost for a front mounted blade. The main draw for the Kubota is the 4 cylinder, 30 HP engine with 3 spd HST. I suspect I'm missing something here, because I know most Kubota B7800 owners love their machines. So, here are my questions:
    -- Is 30 HP or even 26.5HP overkill for my application? I generally believe that more is better, but does it have it's downside?
    -- Am I missing other significant pros for the Kubota? I'm concerned that I'm internally biased because I like the style and ergonomics of the Deeres better.
    -- The economics for the 2520 and B7800 are more comparable with just the FEL and MMM included. Adding the front blade favors the Deeres. Am I offbase in thinking the front blade is superior to a back blade for moving snow? Or, that a snowblower is either overkill or better value than a good front blade setup?

    I was convinced that I would pursue the Deeres until my Orange dealer dropped his price on the B7800 by $1000. I just passed on a B7610 because I thought it was too small.

    Thanks for your thoughts and experiences!


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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    I've owned a 7800 for 4 years and can't say enough good things about it. It has moved hundreds of yards of soil, moved feet of snow and in general done anything I've asked it to.

    That said, I now wish I had a smaller tractor. I've learned that power tools are faster than hand tools and bigger tractors are usually faster at tasks than smaller tractors. But, given time and ingenuity you can do many things with a small tractor. I built some retaining walls moving huge boulders bit by bit with the 7800, built a driveway, skidded some big logs, and graded my acerage.

    Now that all the "big" work is done a smaller machine would be more manuverable and easier to park when done. I won't be getting rid of my 7800. It's paid for and I love it, but my advice is don't sweat the horsepower and size. Buy what you will need when the main projects are over. You can always rent bigger equipment if you need it for a short time.

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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    When I was buying a couple months ago, the final two candidates for me were the JD 2520 and the kubota B3030 (deluxe version of the B7800). At my local dealers, the price was very close between the B3030 and the 2520, comparably equipped (FEL, MMM). I think the Kubota package wound up being ~$200 more than the Deere. Basically a wash.

    I went with the Kubota.

    Have you made this price comparison with your local dealers? Have you priced the B3030? Of course, YMMV.

    When I test drove the JD 2520, the dealer had a rear blade attached to the 3pt. I released the parking brake, put it into low range, lifted the 3pt and stepped on the gas pedal. The tractor wouldn't budge. Turns out, the 3pt arms were pushed against the tires and preventing the tractor from moving. Not a very comforting experience, especially when it happens at a dealer on a test drive. That was one of the reasons they lost a sale to me. For the kind of $ you have to spend to get a new tractor, I'd expect that sort of thing to be figured out long before they are sold to customers.

    The deluxe features on the B3030 vs the B7800 are nice to have. I like the position control and the updated look of the B3030, among the other "deluxe features".
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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    The 3 speed hydro and a usable 3pt on the kubota are worth far more than any pros you think the JD has. For mowing you will be able to travel faster in Medium range on the K than you will in L on the JD. No matter what snowplow setup you get, you will be able to plow faster in M. Or, H as I do with my Kubota in all but the deepest snow. It really makes a difference when you can back up fast. I don't know if High is all that usable on the JD. The Kubotas also turn tighter for mowing which I do a lot of with mine. You won't be sorry with a B7800 or my pick, the B3030. Don't be concerned about the brakes being on the same side as the Hydro pedal. 99% of the time you will have them locked together anyway. With 4WD you don't need brakes to turn. I thought the brakes on the K were a drawback too until I found out that they are hardly ever needed. When you do need them you just use cruise control to keep your forward speed and then use the individual brakes as necessary. Even on the JD you can't push on the right brake and the Go pedal at the same time. Good luck.

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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    I was/am in same boat you are. 2320 / 2520 or 2630 /3030 (rather than 7800)
    5A w/3 to mow, snow, logs, clean up, 2 horses etc. I have been in decision mode since November.

    I wasn't as concerned about the "HP" difference within brands or between brands as 90% of what I will do is mow. For me it is for residence/hobby usage, not commercial. I didn't want to go any thing smaller b/c of ground clearance, physical weight, lifting capacities of FEL, 3 pt etc.

    Both brands are exceptional and I know either would have done the job. I looked at everything...Montana, NH, Case etc and it really was a no brainer..Green or orange....Quality, Service, Relabilty, dealer network etc.

    I have been reading everything I can on this topic...TBN, Machine underground, Tractor Point, Compact Tractor Review etc. since November. I made a list of pros and cons (in my mind) on both...when one had a pro, the other had a con and vice versa....(Some one needs to take the best both units and combine them in to one and it would solve a lot of pain, suffering and mental agrivation)

    I orderd a 2520 last week. I ordered it w/ FEL & 61" bucket; 61" D MMM, independant lift, 72" rear blade, I-match


    Primary reason---my wife.
    1) she did not like how the fel came off the 3030/2630 as compared to the JD. The JD is quickier and easier to remove
    2) she did not like how the mmm came off the 3030/2630..the JD deck is drive over, she do not have to slide/push mower out from under tractor. This was probably the deciding factor!

    I am gone quite often for work a couple of weeks at a time, and she has to be able to use it in my absense

    She really could care less about anything else.... HP, two pedals vs tredal pedal, brake pedal location, cruise control etc..she just didn't care.

    It all came down to convienence of FEL and MMM removal/instal to her

    Then there were my reasons.

    1- appearance.. (I am going to look at what ever I get for a few yrs and I wanted to wake up and not 2nd guess my choice. All along my heart said green. My brain wasn't as sure.) I just liked the lines on the JD better
    --I didn't like the look of the loader joystick sitting in air on kubota..looked like construction unit
    --I didn't like the look of the loader valves location on the Kubota
    --I didn't like the look of the loader mounting frame on Kubota w/ FEL removed
    --I didn't like the location of cup holder on Kubota (behind seat)

    2- brake pedals--I didn't like the brakes on same side as HST on Kubota

    3- JD just seemed to fit me better

    Kubota has some features that I think are better than Jd...

    --3 spd hydro
    --better seat
    --tilt wheel
    --I actually liked the tredal pedal functionality
    --cruise control location and usage
    --tool box
    --telescopic lower link ends and stabilizers--but I-match will make up for this in my usage.
    --rear tire clearance issues on 3 pt---lots of topics and remedies on this

    all in all, on my list the pros of the green team out scored the orange.

    Besides, when I went to college, My dad told me ...Son, before you sleep with a girl, take a 2nd look at her, cus you may be waking up and looking at her the rest of your life and you want to make sure you made the right decision

    cerescobra---you need to ask your self what do you want to wake up and look at in the morning

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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    Why don't you compare the new B-series to keep all things in perspective instead of the deluxe to the standard style tractor.

    I'm sure you will find that the three range hydro will make big difference in the work you can do. The deck is a drive over on the new 20 series model and the loader isn't really that hard to install and remove and the good part of the kubota system is it stays tight for years.

    Some people that are new to tractors seem to like the brakes being in the left! That sure is confusing when every tractor I'd seen before these tractors was on the right! Come to think about the only time I see them now is on a few compacts, how confusing?!!

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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    I have been looking at the B2620 vs. the JD 2520. For the tractor, fel, bb and cutter the kubota is $2,000 less. I cannot find anything that makes the JD worth the difference. My 4 year old son had some JD shirts and hats, but that just does not justify spending an extra $2,000 just to have the tractor match. I am buying my Kubota 2620 this week.

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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    Thanks for all the insightful replies. I will definitely give the kubota's a fair shot. I've emailed my local dealer for more details on some of the other suggested models. I'll pay him a visit when I return home in a couple of weeks. I already have a quote on the B2920 that is about $1000 less than the 2520 with FEL and MMM. Only problem is if I add a front blade, the 2520 ends up at least $1000 less than the B2920. Deere and Kubota have different solutions for the front blade and they are quite different in price. That will weigh heavily in my decision. I've read about the rear tire interference problems with the 2520, but have also seen good solutions, so I'm not turned off by this.

    I'll keep you posted on my quest for the machine that I want to wake up to every morning.....


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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    The deluxe features on the B3030 vs the B7800 are nice to have. I like the position control and the updated look of the B3030, among the other "deluxe features".
    I highly suggest getting a tractor with position control. If the B7800 does not have position control and the B3030 does, I'd only consider the B3030. The Deeres have position control.
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    Default Re: JD 2320/2520 vs. Kubota B7800

    Quote Originally Posted by cerescobra
    Deere and kubota have different solutions for the front blade and they are quite different in price.
    This sounds odd to me. In the past both Kubota and Deere have gotten all their front attachments from a company called RAD in Canada... they are the same stuff with different paint. If thats changed, I'd be curious to know.

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