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    Default tractor size/ 6\' finish mower

    I recently sold my Oliver 550 and need to buy another tractor. I have a 6' 3pt finish mower, and need to move some snow as well. I'm lost when it comes to sizing the more modern tractors. Can't buy new yet and would like to stay close to $8,000-$10,000. I'm not afraid of older if in great shape but need power steering and is fwd worth it? I've got 300' of asphalt drive going up a grade and 4 acres of grass and need a bush hog for trails and wildlife area mowing[3 acres]

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    Default Re: tractor size/ 6\' finish mower

    Mike, What are your wants and/or desires in tractor options? You can get a dependable and well supported new tractor for under $10K.

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    Default Re: tractor size/ 6\' finish mower

    mike don't know what u mean by "some snow to move" also are u looking for one with a fel? powersteering is great and in my estimation 4wd is a must.i have a b2400 with 5 ft. finish mower and it handels it with no problem, so somthing in that size should be able to use a 6ft. mower, but the rest of your requirements may dictate that u go up in size. a more detailed list of your needs may help us give u a more informed opinion.

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    Default Re: tractor size/ 6\' finish mower

    Did the Oliver do the job that you need to be accomplished? I assume that it was 2wd.

    I have both 5' side discharge and 6' finish rear-discharge mowers that I use with no problem on my 24hp 4x4 kubota B2150. The 4wd allows a lighter, smaller tractor to do the same jobs that the larger Oliver that you had before.

    In the Kubota brand, the minimum that you could get by with is a 21hp B7500 but it would probably struggle in tall grass. You might also have dangerous problems with a "light" front end with the mower lifted. I would recommend a 24 hp (B2400, B2410, B2150) or larger 4wd tractor.

    You may also come out cheaper getting a 5' mower which would allow you to get a smaller tractor.

    Also consider the sub-compact Kubota BX2200 (4wd/HSD/Power Steering/live lift/live PTO) with 60" (5') mid-mower can be bought NEW for around $10,200 or possibly less and has the 3-point hitch capable of handling a scraper blade or yard box, small rotary mower (for the trails??). The main drawback of the BX2200 are the short 3-point lift arms which makes connecting some implements rather difficult if they aren't designed for small tractors.


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