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    Default international 254 & FEL

    I知 looking at an International 254 with 486 hours and it has a 5 woods PTO mower. It does not currently have a FEL and was wondering can I put a FEL on this tractor? I looked and didn稚 see where it had the connects for a FEL. If I can put a FEL on this tractor what type of FEL do I need. Does it have to be an International FEL or can I buy an aftermarket FEL? If you can稚 tell I know every little about tractors and FEL



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    Default Re: international 254 & FEL

    If there aren't hydraulics already plumbed, then you can either have someone plumb them into the hydraulics the tractor has, if they are strong enough.
    What is more commonly done is adding a pump on the front of the tractor that runs off the crank shaft. Sometimes people will put a pump on the PTO shaft instead, but then you can't use your FEL and something on the back that uses the PTO...
    I'm sure there are others here with more knowledge on this than me.
    Good luck!
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    Default Re: international 254 & FEL

    Actually.. if you have live pto.. you can get a pto pump and long extension stub and still use something on the rear.. however.. it is less than ideal.

    Tractor hyds if enough gpm and pressure, or front stinger pump are prefered.

    Talk to a local tractor mechanic in your area about the attachment. Also.. search local classifieds and tractor sites for other 254's and find out if/what laoder they used.. etc. I've seen 1 and 2-arm loaders on cub's and 154's.. so imagine that a 254 has some options for a loader. I've also seen 240u's with loader.


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    Default Re: international 254 & FEL

    Here is an aftermarket loader solution you could consider. It has over 200 other tractor makes and models it will fit, so when the times comes to update your tractor, you can keep the same loader. Two loaders will fit either the TA-55 or the TA-111 with lift capacities up to 1400# at full height up to 8'3". Full line of attachments are available. Front-End Loaders by Westendorf: loader for tractor, shade canopy, wagons, manure & landscaping equipment.
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    Default Re: international 254 & FEL

    Brother has an IH 234 and he had a Bush Hog loader installed on it, he really likes it, does a good job. When the loader was installed, they installed a block and used the tractor hydraulics, didn't have to add a pump to the front or to the PTO. I think Woods also makes a FEL also that will fit.
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