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    I am in the market for a new tractor! I currently own an old Ford 8N which I rebuilt about 12 years ago. At this time I mow at least 5 of my 6 acres, and am planning to do alot more plowing and discing. I just sold my old Kobota L175 which had a tiller and loader, it was old and used, but I miss it already! Once you have a loader, you never know how much you used it until its gone.
    So far I have looked at a Kobota L3710 set up with a loader,and a 60" Tiller, and a John Deer 990 set up the same way. I was suprised that the prices were fairly close. I also checked out a New Holland 2120, but it was close to $5500 more!
    Iwould really appreciate any input on the above tractors or any other suggestions!! HELP!
    Thanks Alot

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    I dont think you're comparing apples to apples with NH, JD and kubota. The Kubota Grand L series, NH TC35/40/45 and the JD 4500/4600/4700 are the tractors to compare. All are the larger frame compacts. Use these models for comparison to the Kubota L3710. You should find all of them relatively close in price for a particular size.

    The JD 990 you mentioned is a value line tractor and more directly compares with the Kubota L2600/3000/4300 and the NH TC30/2120/3415. I dont know much about the price of these, tractors. The TC30 is the only one in this category to offer a hydrostatic transmission, to the best of my knowledge.

    There are lots of people here that know more about tractors than I do, never having owned one. But, I am familiar with the product lines and the models that directly compare, so I hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the info. I got carried away and wrote in before I read more of the other discussions. Man, I have alot to learn! What info I did have was based on price. The Kobota was $18,00, JD $19,300 and the NH $24,800 all with FEL's. For my needs the larger frame style would be what I think I need. Are these prices alittle "off" ? I also looked at a TYM-USA, ever heard of them?
    Thanks For The Help!!

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    SShoff, Yea you've got to compare apples to apples for sure. I spent one whole year doing the research... comparing... and analysing... most important is that you have to decide what it is exactly you want your new tractor to do... then... and most important... who is the best dealer in your area!
    I cannot stress how important the dealer is... I chose Green... but I shopped all of the big three... the deciding factor was the dealer... NOT THE PRICE!
    Just like the tractor... you have to live (and depend on) with the dealer that is local to you.
    Look hard and long at this... I lucked out! My closest dealer was not only the least expensive but... the most experienced, and the most professional of the lot!
    Best advice... shop brands and features... great... but make sure the dealer is there (sic) to help you if you need it!
    Just my 2 cents!

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