Hey All,

Maka posted... McCormick other series are either manufactured by McCormick or Landini and both owned by Argo spa. They use Perkins engines and Cummins Engines depending on size.

The Landini and McCormick transmissions are from their transmission plants in France I believe.

Let me confuse you. Mitsubishi manufactures Cat engines for Cat, Perkins engines for Perkins and Cta owns Perkins as well as their own. LS manufactures Mitsubishi engines under a license from Mitsubishi. Genuine Mitsubishi engine but manufactured by LS in house. If you look at some Perkins engines in ASV's the 50 and 60hp models they are manufactured Shibaura. Shibaura, the manufacturer of NH and Case? Yip, the same one.

So, we have lots of cross over manufacturing and it takes a long time to sort it all out.
I've always suspected this to be true. what it leads to in my mind is a few questions.

1) Is there a "best" engine for a particular HP/no of cylinders range? So for example 2 cylinder diesels - whose is best? 3 cylinder whose is best? etc
2) Is there an across the HP board best engine manufacturer?
3) How do you identify the "best combo" of engine tranny etc parts?
4) Do you just say - no way I can figure this out I'll just go with a dealer I can trust (or my favorite color)?
5) However this crossover means you have lots of parts options - you just have to figure out who uses what. How do you do that? Specifically who publishes this data and keeps it totally up to date? The data clearly does exist. This is information a consumer needs to know.

I've wondered about all this parts crossover ever since finding out 30 odd years ago that some Rambler tranny parts fit Ford Mustang tranny's! What an eye opener!