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    I'm having trouble deciding between tractors. I'm looking at a kubota L3710 GST 4WD a New Holland TC40D and the JD dealer has a used program tractor model 4600 4WD with 390 hours on it. The JD is being offered at $16.9K, the NH at $20775 with 16LA loader and I'm waiting for a quote from Carver on the Kubota. My application is bush hogging/land clearing, hauling logs and general landscaping with loader. Any comments would be appreciated on one brand over the other. Thanx.

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    It sounds like you really have your hands full deciding between three excellent tractors there Mike. You might want to make your choice more between the dealers and your comfort level with them, as well as test driving the tractors to see how they suit you. I think that most of us here have our individual preference, but I think that what really counts is that you get the tractor you feel most comfortable with, and from the dealer you feel most comfortable with, both in terms of the sale, and how they stand behind the sale and their product.

    In terms of the desired goals of the tractor, any of these three should handle bush hogging and general landscaping tasks quite easily, and the log hauling should be OK too, as long as you understand the limits of the tractor(i.e. no hauling a 30' x 36" oak log up the side of a mountain in the rain). Take your time with this part of the hunt, and you will find that you can learn alot just listening to how other customers get treated at a dealership, especially those around the service counter.

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    mike: they are all 3 fine machines, did u drive each of them? u have to determine which one YOU feel most comfortable with. when i was looking i liked somethings about all of them, and disliked somethings. i bought what i felt most fitted my personal preferences. u have to do the same.but i lean towards the kubota, but u don't have a price yet, so that will be a factor.

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    Frank and Ron both make excellent points. You'll have the tractor for a long time, so the comfort factor is a must. Also, you may need the local dealer's assistance at some point; which gives you the better feeling?

    I bought Clementine (My L3010HST) from Carver's, but took the time up front to get to know my local dealer and to come to an understanding that future implement purchases would come from him. With that relationship established, I felt very comfortable buying from down South. Had I not had a good feeling about my local kubota dealer, I would have bought a Deere.


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