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    Default A BX2200 Bites The Dust

    Well Boys, I could not stand to wait for delivery until Saturday afternoon, so I went and picked up my kubota B7500 with a 60" MMM, and the LA272 FEL myself. After logging only 5 hours in the saddle, I do have to say I do not regret passing up the BX2200. I only wish my pocketbook wanted the 2410 as much as I did!
    I cut my mowing time almost in half going to a 60" deck from a 42", and from a gear tranny to the HST. And the power steering and turning radius still has me in disbelief. I would almost bet dollars to donuts that the uncut circle from the 60" MMM is not really a hair larger that 54". I'll have to measure and let you know.
    Anyway, the LA272 versus the LA304... I did not find the lifting difference an inconvenience this weekend, although I did learn that I should file a flight plan when the lift exceeds the weight of the tractor! Ahhh... the power of hydraulics!
    Took the loader off, and then put it back on for fun. Not even an issue. John Deere brags about being the fastest loader off/on in the business. Well I'm here to say that I cannot believe it gets any faster than the Bota. Even reading the manual for the first time, I had the loader off in about 1-1/2 minutes, and back on later that afternoon in about five. Yeah, I cheated and picked up the loader by hand to line it up with the saddle bracket on the tractor, but that's what Wheaties are for.
    I think I worried about the 60" MMM for nothing. Maybe it's just because my yard is fairly smooth, but I can't say my Allis garden tractor cut any better. I can see, however, that a improperly adjusted deck, dull blades, and too fast a mowing speed could create a poor cut. I'll let TBN know if I feel the same way after a few more hours. As far as the removal and installation of the deck, that will take place this next weekend. I have some loader work at the In-Laws, and do not really care to hang up the deck on a stump... so it's coming off.
    As another positive of the B7500 over the BX2200, that fold-over ROPS is the cat's meow! I have a few maples I could not get trimmed before I mowed, so down with the ROPS, and left the worry behind! And thank God I folded it, 'cause when I couldn't fit the B7500 in the pole barn Saturday night, the wife's car had to sit outside, and without the fold-over ROPS, she'd never fit through the overhead door. Of course when I fired her up the next morning, the ROPS had to go back up so the neighbors would think it looked cool!
    Well, back to work TBN. Let's see what 50 hours brings!

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    Default Re: A BX2200 Bites The Dust

    Congrats, it only gets better from there!!

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