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    Default Help with price for Kubota L275

    Hello all,

    I have the option of purchasing a tractor from a friend of my FIL. It is a mid-80s kubota L275 2wd with gear tranny, regular tires, a front end loader. The tractor seems to be in good shape with right at 600 hours on it. It also comes with a 1 year old 5' bush hog. I can get all of this for $4500.

    Is this a good deal? Also I would be using the tractor to hopefully finish mow my yard (5 acres worth) with hopefully a 6' finish mower as well as clean up the brush around my property line. Would this tractor be sufficient to meet my needs?

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    Default Re: Help with price for Kubota L275

    I started out with a L175 DT (4WD) that had a loader/backhoe and this is the smaller 2 cylinder version of the L275 - these vintage were built well and will do a lot of work but expect to replace things like seals and hydraulic components from time to time.

    The price for the tractor seems good since the bush hog alone is in the $1500 range. Several caveats are the care the tractor has had - is it in rough shape or was it stored inside and taken care of?

    The other aspect is your intended use - 5 acres of mowing and clearing should be no issue for this unit, but if you have a lot of obstacles to manuver around the older tractors w/o power steering (not sure if the 275 has PS?)can be a handful. The loader while it can be removed is intended to stay on the tractor making the unit heavier and if you have low or wet areas the lack of 4WD could present challenges.

    I replaced my 1982 L175 with a new B21 in 2001 after four years as I wanted to upgrade to a more "modern" setup.

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    Default Re: Help with price for Kubota L275

    I wouldn't buy it "word of mouth" without seeing the tractor first. For that vintage, and that few of hours one would want to know where it spent its idle time....(the environment, sitting in a field, covered, or in a barn, and the climate too, etc.) Condensation will form in the drive-train daily, if it sat out in the open? What condition is the sheet-metal, paint, and tires too! It wouldn't take long to tell if it had any TLC in its life, and was he the original owner? I would want all the info possible first, to avoid buyers remorse. Is it a two or three cylinder engine? The price seems good if it's in decent shape.

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