I am new here. I purchased a 445 w/o the loader at the 0% financing. Yet to be delivered. Traded the 454 in for a $6000 credit. Paying $13000 diff with a brush guard and some filters, rear remotes, and R4 tires. What are your opinions on comparing these 2 tractors for performance. I am very happy with the IH. I just wanted a new tractor, warranty, 4 wheel drive and the hydro. I primarily use this type of tractor for food plots and mowing with a 3 point finishing mower not a brush hog. I have a tandem disc, 8' cultivator, landscape rake, and seeder. Here is my IH. Did I make a bonehead move? Never ran a new tractor in the field before so have no idea how the power is. Also cannot find anything much on these engines in the Bobcat thanks, like this website alot. Posting this in the bobcat section also. eric