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    Thank you Gary!! There is quite a bit of difference between "non-profit" bids. Companies give better "rebates" for bids in certain fields. Municipal bids are in no way a fair comparison. Dealers can't buy the tractors for themselves at the prices given to municipalities.

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    You're welcome, Dealer. I just wanted to explain how those worked.

    You mentioned bids to "non-profit" entities. In the case of cars and trucks the factory bid assistance is offered on other fleet deals as well. It doesn't have to be hundreds of units, either. I don't know if there's a set minimum number, but I've seen bid assistance on packages of under twenty that weren't going to "non-profit" entities.

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    It seems that all companies have "areas" they will give discounts in. It all depends on the company and where they want to make more sales. Most of it has to do with visibility.

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    In your opinion as a dealer, is it likely that I could negotiate over $4000 off of MSRP on a tractor and equipment that totals $26,400 out the door? I promise I'm not trying to cause trouble, I am trying to track dealer margins.

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