I will be purchasing a compact tractor in the near future. Currently I have a selling price, for the 4WD Case D40 or the N.H. TC40 w/ FEL w/72" quick disconnect bucket, foldable ROPS, deluxe 3pt. hitch and the larger ag tires, of $18,800. Is this about right? I live in the southeast Texas area. The Case dealer also has a demo DX40 w/FEL and large ag tires for $19,500. I like both the Case and N.H. mainly because with the loader installed the loader control lever does not block access on and off the right side of the tractor. Considered the 45hp versions but did not feel that 5 more horses was worth the $2000 price difference. Tomorrow I will go look at the equal J.D. versions (not sure what model till I get there).

The Case dealer and the N.H. dealer are both long time established dealers and are eager to sell and appear quite capable to support any after purchase repairs, warranty work or other needs. Both are also about equal distance but in different towns. Any input/opinion on which way to go (if the J.D. is priced to far out there)?