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    Default JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    Loooking at both tractors new, could use some input, pros and cons on each, from a few owners. They seem to be very comparable tractors and the money is almost identical.

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    Default Re: JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    It's to bad tha kubota only offers full featured tractors instead of the economy tractors offered by some of the manufacturers.

    It would seperate the pricing quite abit to take the name off and see what is really there.

    I'd buy the full featured main line tractor in a heart beat for the same money as an economy style tractor.

    That's just me and some people I've found enjoy the extra effort needed with ownership of a tractor and they just feel thats the way it is or should be!

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    Default Re: JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    I'm not familiar with the JD 5093E but just looked over it's specs.
    The kubota is listed with 84 PTO HP vs. 75 for the JD.
    The JD comes with a 12 speed transmission, optional on the Kubota. If you go with the 12 speed on the kubota you also get the extra 3 point lift capability (7000 lbs). The standard 3 point lift capacity on the kubota is higher than the JD.
    It looks like the JD has a 540/540E PTO which is not available on the Kubota. 540/1000 pto is available on both tractors.
    I think the JD has a mechanical pto actuation while the kubota has a hydraulic pto actuation.
    The kubota wheelbase is slightly longer than the JD.
    The kubota comes with larger tires standard (12.4-24, 18.4-30).

    Check them both out and see which one you prefer.
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    Default Re: JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    Not familiar but looking over the specs the kubota looks like a little more tractor.


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    Default Re: JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    A while back I was looking at the 5093e and I didn't care for the loader. The control wouldn't let me raise the loader and un-curl the bucket at the same time. It would only allow 1 function at a time.

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    Default Re: JD 5093E vs. Kubota M9540?

    I went through what you are going through starting a year ago. I chose the kubota for several reasons including features, function and the dealership.

    In the end you have to operate both units and decide for your self.


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