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    I'm sure you are aware that we didn't have a lot of kubota dealers around here until the last few years. I bought my first one in 1984 in Carbondale. When that place closed the nearest dealer was in Okawville. Now we have them in Okawville, Sparta, Benton, Marion and Metropolis. (that I know of) Probably not a lot of Orange machines out there in our area that people are ready to get rid of yet. The good news is that it is a competitive market and the prices seem to be good. I priced at 4 of the local dealers and two of the Internet dealers that get mentioned the most here on this forum. I found that I could buy cheaper locally (even with the sales tax) than I could from far away!

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    I have visited a couple of the dealers you mentioned. I was pretty impressed with F.B. Mcafoos in Benton. I think if I was going to buy a new machine I would go there. It is really too bad I'm not a John Deere person, because I am also impressed with Ideal Lawn and Tractor in Marion. I have never tried to buy anything from either of them, I just thought they looked pretty professional. Nice to hear from another southern Illinoisan.

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    I've got my hands full, thanks. I think it would be an awesome business opportunity though.

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    Considering that JD has been making and selling tractors for pretty close to 100 years, and a good many of them are still around, it is no suprise that there may be more used JD's available...give kubota another 30-50 years to build up a supply of old machines in use around the country and I bet the numbers will even up a bit...

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