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    Default JD twine balers

    I'm looking to get a JD twine baler for 35 acers. Have a NH 269 that works good but recall the feed on the Deere made a more uniform bale with uneven windrows. I've worked with a 14T and a 24T or 224T, don't remember which. liked thm both. What was the model number order from the 14T on. Was there any big improvements from one to another on just newer and better looking tin. Appreciate any input. Thanks

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    Default Re: JD twine balers

    I bought a new JD baler last year when I retired (sold) my old IH-37. I can't really say that it bales better......I just don't have to work on it in the field to keep it baling and I know I can get parts. NH makes good balers and all balers work best with full windrows. You just have to speed up when the windrows get light to keep the feed as uniform as possible. You're probably better off looking for a new rake or relooking at your raking pattern. I used a friend's Kuhn rotary last year when I broke the drive on my NH 256 and was very impressed with the speed/quality of windrows. I've fixed my 256 but I still might buy a rotary this year.

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